Gopro Hero 5 Black Review

What's up guys i'm jeff result from reasons . com today we are reviewing the gopro hero five black action camera which is probably the one using most often now but I know the question that's on your mind and that is is this the best action camera out there right now we're going to cover that at the end of the video and a lot more in the process so stay tuned and also if you haven't already make sure you subscribe i promise you were going to show you some really cool gear on this channel and help you save money that's what we're all about alrighty so the hero five black is according to the CEO of GoPro the action camera that they always wanted to make it just took them years to do it and I kind of feel the same way i wish i had this camera all along but I don't know that I would say it's mind-blowing or anything it is a solid action camera though at any rate let's talk first about design and 

hardware and then number two will talk about the whole camera stuff like media recording in terms of design think of the hero five black as a water-resistant throw for silver with extras out-of-the-box it is water rated down to meters so no external housing unit required that's awesome but if you want you can get a dive mount separately and gopro has like accessories pretty much for everything it is also compatible with the new car madrone and most existing GoPro accessories which means if you already have a bunch of GoPro stuff you're probably good to go or if you're new to go pro and you're 

watching your wallet a bit you can still get one of those cheaper bundles on amazon that have like accessories and by the way if saving money is your thing you should definitely check out risen those deals where all the time finding some great deals and discounts on GoPros smart watches and other cool stuff gear that I think you guys are really gonna like will drop the link down below in the description and have it here on the screen for you and getting back to the hero five black it also has a 

two inch LCD full color touch screen on the back of it so you use that for changing settings viewing previously recorded media and all of that stuff one word of warning however if that touchscreen is wet or if you're like in water or something like that it won't work so you're going to want to use those to physical buttons and then also I think overall the touchscreen was a little bit finicky I was kind of 

always selecting the wrong thing although to be fair that could be a little bit of a software issue and I know GoPro has been releasing some updates and they will continue to do that in the future they may be on top of this already but i have had some trouble with the touchscreen likewise i think the whole 

built-in microphone setup it's just not quite perfect yet so this is what the hero five black sounds like without an external housing unit it does have three built-in microphones none of them are necessarily front-facing so it's not the greatest for vlogging but it's supposed to automatically process and find the one of the best audio and limit some of that wind noise however i'm sure you can hear this it's picking up a lot of external sound and I'm not really convinced that the sound quality is any better than what you're hearing right now for my hero silver and in fact i think in a lot of cases sound quality was 

better on my older GoPros so yeah I don't think the audio was bad on the hero five but it's definitely not really a reason that you would buy this camera but you know this next thing actually might be the hero five now supports voice commands like you can tell to start and stop recording and take a picture or switch modes or make a highlight I said this in a prior video but GoPro added some really clever stuff here like moments that are life-altering that yet just have to remember oh the mcrib is back so yeah the camera added a highlight their because it assumes that clip is memorable and it is 

memorable i mean the mcrib is back it's a pretty awesome feature I like those voice commands and I think they really do come in handy and they also some pretty good range to them as well so let me show you that GoPro start recording your bro stop recording go throw start recording all right I think that's good enough because my half court [Music] ah so voice commands i like them i think all-in-all also the build is legit on this camera super rugged and durable and if you scratch that front lens cap you can still replace it and this time I don't actually believe you even need a tool for you can just pop 

it right off and put a new one on also the battery is removable but it's a new one that we haven't used before so the hero for batteries won't work on this guy and now charges with USB type-c which i think is a good move but it's just another cable that you're gonna have to keep track of black also has Wi-Fi for connecting to your smartphone you can use the GoPro app that I think they have like three of them to control your camera change settings edit videos and then see all of your previously recorded media it does now have bluetooth also which will opt for to save battery life and then they 

have a GoPro Apple watch app that allows you to control the camera from your wrist or you can buy separate go program that promotes if you want which are pretty cool as well and i'll link a few of those down below in the description and so yeah that's the hardware stuff for sure an improvement year-over-year but nothing crazy like g metrics which we saw on the verbal two-thirty so won't let you track your speed or distance or chart your roots although it does have gps but that's kind of a friend feature i don't know how much you guys really care about that stuff write me in the comments 

let me know i think it could actually be a good thing since battery life seems to always be a contentious . and speaking about her life i hate to see it because it's like my answer for everything ok just ya mejor I'm or jack nicklaus jackin us now or not it depends jeff who Saturdays for she was yet it depends but yeah the battery life on this one it just depends it's going to depend on whether or not you're running all of the features and everything extra if you're pushing for k if you got Wi-Fi on if you're using voice commands all of that stuff running its gonna be like minutes or under if you're 

shooting at p and everything else is off you're going to get right around two hours so in that range of minutes to two hours however it does have one touch recording now so we saw that on the hero session that helps to save battery life if the cameras off you press the shutter button one time it turns on the camera starts recording press it again it stops recording saves that clip and turns the camera off it's definitely useful to have now as far as media quality goes I think the camera is really good and it has protune so you can like play with the iso limit the white balance sharpness all that stuff to get 

closer to the shot that you have like pictured in your head I've also seen that supposedly this guy has some improvements in terms of low light performance but for me like most action cameras are just that's not a highlight feature for them with that said it does shoot k video at frames per second which looks gorgeous but you have to take my word for it since this video is in p it also shoots everything else you see here on the screen and p which is slow motion and you're watching that right now and then also p up to frames per second which is ultra slow motion so the video quality is really very 

good although honestly I think all of these modern cameras are so close in terms of media quality that you're almost splitting hairs the hero cameras very good here's the hero five black versus the hero silver they're both good almost indistinguishable in terms of media quality the verbal good as well although in subsequent tests I I need to report this to you guys i've noticed the GoPro cameras actually handled changes in lighting conditions better i seen the verb white a lot of pictures out 

compared to the GoPros i think you get more consistent coloring and lighting so i'm definitely leaning GoPro on that at any rate the video stuff is really good with the hero five but the kicker here what makes it i think better than some of the older GoPros is that you now have image stabilization on the hero five black and also the hero five session so that's an x-factor feature it's a single biggest reason that I'm sticking with the hero five it can smooth out some of those jarring clips where they'd 

almost be nauseating to watch like if you have a camera mounted on a handlebar something like that it can turn into a really smooth shot that it's like the cameras floating now as for the other stuff with here five it does take stills up to megapixels and yes there is a burst mode and as a time-lapse mode video and photo now and a night lapse mode look I think it's pretty obvious all in all this is probably the best action camera you can buy but at four hundred dollars it is not cheap and I don't think it's it that much better than what we've seen in the past also for certain situations there are better cameras 

like for example with a helmet I'd much rather mount the hero five session it's just smaller and way lighter and by the way i will be doing a review of the hero five sessions so make sure to subscribe so you won't miss that video and then as usual we will be on our relentless hunt to find you guys a deal on action cameras and a lot of other cool stuff also check the description out for that or head on over to regions com / deals so that's it for this review I hope you found it helpful if you have a great day write me in the comments smash that thumbs up button if you enjoyed the video see you guys next time